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It’s ‘unofficial’ ultrasound week at ARC…

You know what they say about buses- wait a little while and then three arrive all at once? We’ve had a week a little bit like that at ARC, and our therapeutic ultrasound machine has been very busy.
First of all we had a new equine patient. Tendon injuries are relatively common in horses, and it’s not unusual for our ultrasound unit to be ‘on the road’ visiting equine patients in their yards or stables. However, we don’t see cases like Lola as often… it’s true that Lola is fairly large, being a Dobermann dog, but it seems nobody has explained to her that she is in fact NOT a racehorse. Having partly ruptured the digital flexor tendon (which helps her bend her toes) in her paw, she too needs ultrasound to help micromassage the injured tendon with sound waves and make the healing scar smaller, more stretchy and more functional as a result. Ultrasound treatment doesn’t hurt at all, but it does take a little while. Fortunately, she’s a very patient patient!
And as if that wasn’t enough, even the humans are at it- one of the other uses of ultrasound is to heat up older scar tissue and help it to stretch a bit, so after a busy day wielding the probe, Rhona’s knee is next in line for treatment. It is, as they say, a funny old world…….