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Spreading the message about Leonberger Polyneuropathy with Nando

Life can be unfair.
Nando’s been visiting us at ARC since he was just six months old. He’s a busy dog; in between his PAT duties and dog club, he has his physio to squeeze in religiously. Nando suffers from an inherited disease called Leonberger Polyneuropathy which means that his nerve control is slowly deteriorating. His owner found out from a voluntary blood test that became newly available when he just months old that sadly the genes he inherited from his parents meant he would succumb to the problem early in life, and they set about doing everything they can to help him cope. At the same time, they’re doing their best to make sure other people know more about polyneuropathy to help other owners, dogs and breeders deal with this devastating disease.
Visit our website to read more about Nando’s story and about this gentle, playful giant works, rests and plays happily despite the difficulties he’s had- his story is an inspiration.