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Terms of Business

  1. All patients will be seen by veterinary referral only. Veterinary services other than the problem for which the patient is referred will continue to be provided by the patient’s home practice. This includes all pre-existing prescriptions and medications and food.
  2. 24 hours notice is required for the cancellation of an appointment other than in exceptional circumstances, and a fee may be charged if this is not given. Clients delayed in traveling are asked to telephone the centre at the first opportunity in order to permit rescheduling of other appointments.
  3. All patients must be in the care of an adult over 18 years on each occasion. Children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult at all times for their safety.
  4. ARC is a wetroom environment and subject to regular cleaning. Whilst every care is taken to protect your health and safety, you are reminded that floors may be slippery and should exercise care at all times.
  5. All pets must be on a lead or within an appropriate carrying box at all times when not directed otherwise by a member of staff.
  6. Water quality and safety is strictly and regularly monitored. Patients suffering from any form of sickness, diarrhoea or skin diseases may not use the hydrotherapy facilities and clients are asked to telephone the centre as soon as possible to rearrange appointments accordingly. Hydrotherapy patients should be clean and free from debris in the haircoat on arrival; a surcharge may be made if the patient requires bathing before being adequately clean to use the facilities. Please allow your pet opportunity to toilet prior to arrival. A charge may be made if a pet soils in the water on more than one occasion to contribute towards costs of shutdown and cleaning.
  7. ARC, like all veterinary centres, is an unfamiliar environment for your pet. We make every effort to welcome and reassure all pets, but especially when dealing with a painful illness or injury, it may on occasion be necessary to ask you to allow a trained member of staff to hold or restrain your pet and we request that you follow any advice given by staff members for the safety of your pet and yourself.
  8. Payment must be made at the time for all purchases and services rendered. Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, or credit/ debit card. In the case of insured pets, direct claims will be accepted from certain companies only and the policy excess must be settled at the time of the first visit. A claim form must be provided at the first visit and at every second visit thereafter. If for any reason the insurance company does not settle the full bill, you will be liable for any outstanding amount. In the case of non-payment, services will be suspended and we will seek to reclaim outstanding sums together with a surcharge through a debt collection agency.