Satch is a real sweetie who just can’t understand why not every other dog wants to be his best mate! Although only one year old, Satch is far from being an unusual patient at ARC, since his problem is hip dysplasia, a common affliction of young growing dogs. Although luckily the right shape, Satch’s left hip joint in particular was very loose and caused him pain. As well as that, because the information his hip joint capsule was sending to his brain wasn’t always 100% reliable, Satch was prone to being clumsy with his left back foot. In fact, every problem Satch had ever had in his short life involved that one rogue leg!

Satch and his owners worked hard at hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill and an intensive home exercise plan to build up the muscles suporting his hips and train his sense of body awareness with great results. Satch is always on the move now, helping his owners keep fit and watching over his local park. It’s vital he stays fit and exercises regularly to keep his muscles strong and protect against arthritis later in life, a job he’s devoting himself to with gusto!