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Fun and Fitness

Give your dog a healthy treat!

Calling all dogs- ARC has something for everyone in the canine community. Why not bring your best friend along to see what activities are on offer for him? Packages available for fun and fitness participants include:


Swimming is great exercise for dogs, using lots of muscles and providing a great workout for the heart and lungs. Our pool is clean, warm and safe, so your pet can enjoy a great natural way to exercise without the risks posed by algae, tides, poor quality water and dangers below the surface. Nonslip ramp access and buoyancy/ safety harness for all swimmers plus constant supervision by trained veterinary nurses make ARC an ideal place for dogs to take to the water. Water jets provide the option for a bubbly massage or a harder workout against resistance for experts! There are toys a-plenty available too, and you are welcome to take photos. Blocks of sessions are available at discount, and groups and families are welcome to make bookings by time, although please note for safety only one dog may be in the water at any one time.

Learn to swim and Confidence in water sessions are available for youngsters and adult dogs. Many of our canine visitors are initially anxious about water, especially those which have never experienced water before or have been frightened by a bad experience such as falling or even being thrown into deep water. We can introduce your dog safely to the water, with a member of staff in the pool to help him if necessary, and teach him to make the transition from panicking and splashing wildly in an upright position to swimming powerfully and calmly horizontally as he was designed!

All swimmers need a certificate from their veterinary surgeon to confirm they are fit to swim (download here). Any dog suffering from infectious diseases, gut upsets or some skin problems may not swim.

Fitness training

Whether getting fit to explore the hills and dales, the show ring, or to participate in increasingly popular dog sports such as agility, flyball, carting or racing, ARC has packages for the canine athlete and new starter alike. Muscles can be toned in the pool, particularly with the use of anti-swim jets for resistance, or in the underwater treadmill where an incline facility or the appropriate and carefully supervised use of floats or resistance offers increasing challenge. Whatever the particular activity of your dog demands, results can be effectively achieved with the design of a functional program tailored to the right needs, be that strength, endurance or coordination training in the right balance. Massage sessions and warmup/preparation training may also be vital tools for competitors. Call us to make an appointment to discuss your dog’s needs. Please remember that we need a fitness to swim certificate prior to providing canine hydrotherapy services.